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This periodical is a simple platform for the Tabletop Game Community to share information without being drowned-out in larger social media formats.  It affords equal access to all contributors, regardless of size or brand recognition.  The Crier will become a community within a community, to support the innovation and entrepreneurship of tabletop game developers and enthusiasts.  Please feel free to distribute this throughout your network, and use this resource to connect with peers.

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Since Ravenhall’s Town Crier is a new project for us, we are still working out the kinks and trying to deliver the most value to both readers and contributors. We would love to hear from you! Please complete the initial Town Crier survey to let us know what you think https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/L8JTPQG. If you have any suggestions or ideas, or if you want to help contribute in a non-traditional way as described above, please send us an email at legendsofravenhall@gmail.com with the subject line reading “TOWN CRIER” + “FEEDBACK”.

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