Headhunter: a person who identifies and approaches suitable candidates employed elsewhere to fill business positions.

Can you hire more clients than anyone?

Can you earn the most money to be the best Headhunter?

That is the goal of Headhunter: Hilarious Hires from History!


Game Components:

(1) Custom DieDice Image

(130) Character Cards Abraham Lincoln Headhunter Character Card

(64) Salary Cards $70,000 Headhunter Salary Card

(56) Position Cards  Bull Rider Headhunter Position Card


Headhunter Example Cards.PNG

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itg headhunter video review





Want to give Headhunter a try? Download a copy of the Rules and a Print and Play version of the game! Don’t forget to let us know what you think of this game,  plus giving us ideas for future editions!

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