dash and cache 03
Cache Five Matching Items to Win!

Dash and Cache is a 2-10 (ideally 4-6) player game that a few members of Legends of Ravenhall put together for a game design contest  as an experiment. The game did fairly well, and gave some experience to our members with some elements of manufacturing and game creation. However, to our great surprise, the game has become popular among our local gaming groups. We attribute the rising popularity to the fun and uniqueness of the game, not our artwork. You can buy a copy of it at the Gamecrafter. Note: despite the price, we actually don’t make any money on the game, since it is print-on-demand.

dash and cache 02
Example of Gameplay and the Junk Pile

Please tag us in any photos of your dash and cache game experiences! Also, let us know the most difficult place that you have ever played the game in (different locations where you play the game will result in different  experiences). Buy and Play Dash and Cache, where everywhere is the gameboard, and where everything is a game piece! Don’t forget, there definitely IS home-field advantage!

dash and cache
Contents Include: The Wonderfully-Colored Game Box (1) 30-Second Sand Timer (1) Custom Game Die (72) Game Cards

Download the Dash-and-Cache-Rules for Free!

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