Review: Tiny Ninjas

Overview:   Are you a Master of Ninjas? Are you Tiny? Oh, and are you able to fight your enemy anywhere, anytime? Then Tiny Ninjas is the game for you! In this game, you are a master Ninja, training your ninjas and dueling your opponents in the mobile box that is the dojo. You must master... Continue Reading →

Review: The Primary

Overview:  Congratulations on your candidacy! You must now compete with your peers to win your party's nomination by campaigning across the country, holding rallies, raising money, gaining the favor of Super PACs, and ultimately by winning as many delegates as possible. Welcome to The Primary The Primary is a political election-themed board game by Matt Quock... Continue Reading →

Review: Scrambo!

Overview:  Are you a party animal? A team player? Know a lot about music or movies? Perhaps you are into history, politics, or dog breeds? Or are you the food guru of the group? In this game, any of these specialties and more could lead your team to success. Just be ready to think fast.... Continue Reading →

Review: Portals and Prophets

Overview:  How do you feel about getting a job offer to be a tour guide? This just isn't your normal tour to guide, though. You are going to need to be pretty handy with a time machine too! The Alpha and Omega Time Traveling Company wants to hire a new time traveling tour guide- and... Continue Reading →

Review: Swords

Overview:  Have you ever been in a sword-fight? No? Well now you can! Swords is a fast-paced simultaneous action card game that feels like a multi-person sword fight! We were one of more than 700 backers and believers in the Swords Kickstarter campaign. The concept was tempting, and the video was just too good! So... Continue Reading →

Preview: Gunfighter

Overview:  To draw or not to draw, that is the question- at least in this western themed shootout game. Gunfighter is a game that we discovered and offered to play test. As with many of our other reviews, this game is not yet a finished product, so we used a print and play version.  Nevertheless it... Continue Reading →

Preview: Tiny Ninjas

Overview:  A few months ago we were introduced to the upcoming game Tiny Ninjas. This 2-player ninja-themed card game tests your mastery of the Dojo, giving you numerous ninja type opponents to battle.  Starting with 10 lives, the first player to drop to 0 loses. The link to the Tiny Ninjas website above will lead you... Continue Reading →

Review: Schneeble

Overview:  Schneeble is a trick taking card game that was designed by Luke Peterschmit and published by Fun to 11.  For complete details about the game, check out the post at Board Game Geek. Important to us personally, Schneeble was the first game that we supported on Kickstarter. What many people may not know or forget... Continue Reading →

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