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Update: Ravenhall Dice

Now that our struggles are complete, we can announce our Dice project! (which is really a stem off of the Headhunter tree). Anyone who has followed our Headhunter progress would know that one of the final pieces of contention that we were debating was how to determine how many job openings that there are for... Continue Reading →

Town Crier Highlights

The Town Crier, as you may know, is now accessible on our website as three separate categories that represent the tabletop community: Community and Services, Tabletop Media, and Game Updates. Every entry is fantastic, and everyone is unique in their own way, representing a different feature, style, design, or aspect of gaming. However, our members like... Continue Reading →

Solo Dice Contest Rules

  Here are the rules and other information regarding the contest. I thought that I had scheduled this to post a few days ago during the beginning of the holiday, but alas it did not. Here it is... Solo Dice Contest, presented by Legends of Ravenhall, is a simple, fun contest that is not endorsed,... Continue Reading →

Review: Scrambo!

Overview:  Are you a party animal? A team player? Know a lot about music or movies? Perhaps you are into history, politics, or dog breeds? Or are you the food guru of the group? In this game, any of these specialties and more could lead your team to success. Just be ready to think fast.... Continue Reading →

Review: Portals and Prophets

Overview:  How do you feel about getting a job offer to be a tour guide? This just isn't your normal tour to guide, though. You are going to need to be pretty handy with a time machine too! The Alpha and Omega Time Traveling Company wants to hire a new time traveling tour guide- and... Continue Reading →

Update: Headhunter 8/2018

Project: Card Game: Headhunter: Hilarious Hires from History -Initial design is complete. -Some prototype games have been sent out, and others are in the process of being sent out for review. For pictures and updates, see our Project Page , Facebook,  Board Game Geek , Twitter , and Instagram. -Headhunter has made it's way to Tiffany Jordan at Homeschool Hideout. She and her family have... Continue Reading →

Table Top Games:  Great Date Night?

When meeting someone for the first time, it is often recommended to not talk politics nor religion, and to certainly not play a game! It might start your relationship off on the wrong foot or stop it right in its tracks. Tradition suggests a quiet dinner or movie might be a better way to go.... Continue Reading →

What Makes a Happy Family?

"What Makes a Happy Family?" That is the exact question that was asked to 1500 schoolchildren. Very few replied with answers such as money, cars, fancy homes, TV, or even Disney World! So how did they answer? The children replied that a happy family is one that does things together. Wow! There’s insight! What a better... Continue Reading →

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