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The “hall” has been the community gathering place for every culture throughout history. The hall is host to food, music, news, history, learning, government, and entertainment. What other place would be more appropriate to host games and adventure? Welcome to Ravenhall, House of Rice. From Wales to Ireland to the United States of America, the Legend continues — and you can be a part!

To Ravenhall, family is of utmost importance. A family is an intimate group of people related by birth or adoption or marriage. Here is where you feel safe, where you share, where you learn, and where you relax.

We aim to be an innovative developer of games and other family engagement initiatives. From our hall to yours.  Lived for decades, discussed frequently, and formalized in 2017, Legends of Ravenhall represents our family’s never-ending quest for adventure and truth, and is an avenue to share it with the world. More than mere myth, we are building legends!

Meet The Royal Family


Michael Rice (Founder, CEO):                                                                                             King of Ravenhall, Lord of Lake Erie, & Savior of the Green Hedges

When the Wicked Warlocks united against the Innocents of Green Hedges, the days turned dark and hope waned.  The Hero of the Hedges rode out to meet the Warlocks in battle, but fell in an ambush, leaving his inexperienced apprentice, Michael, to repel the attack and take the throne. King Michael, or often referred to as Mike, now rules with honor and truth, leading the kingdom in a quest for purpose far beyond the castle gates.

Amy Rice (Founder):                                                                                                          Queen of Ravenhall, Lady of Endless Roses, & Matron of Generations

Born in a rosebud from the exquisite Prism Rose Bush, which is bearer of all rose colors, and supplanted into the royal garden, Amy flowered into the queen of the castle. Besides overseeing the estate grounds and the inner workings of the castle, Queen Amy eagerly sits beside King Michael and lovingly cares for the kingdom.

Austin Rice (Founder, COO):                                                                                          Crown Prince of Ravenhall, Duke of Flames, & Keeper of the Dragons

Being the first born child of the king and queen, the great Prince Austin guards Ravenhall with a keen mind, firm scepter, and bright torch, knowing that he is first in line to the heir of the throne.  Never forsaking his duties, he continually prowls the premises of Ravenhall to keep it safe and protected from the enemies, while leading with a vision that is only of royalty.

Hannah Rice (Founder):                                                                                              Crown Princess of Ravenhall, Duchess of Salt, & Keeper of Pigs

Riding beside Prince Austin is his radiant Princess Hannah, originated from the Great Howarth of Lochdale, a village between Lancashire and Yorkshire. From humble beginnings arise the honorable Hannah who now oversees the Salt Mines and all living creatures, resulting from her love of both.

Emma Rice (Founder):                                                                                                  Princess of Ravenhall, Duchess of Berries, & Sewer of Thread

The only daughter of the King and Queen of Ravenhall is Princess Emma, who is gifted with thread of every kind. Using her ability for the greater good, she develops and designs the royal tapestries and displays them for all to see. Her universal beauty, purity, and sweetness stem from the berries that she adores.

Benjamin Rice (Founder):                                                                                           Prince of Ravenhall, Duke of Knowledge, & Wielder of Logic

Second to the throne, Prince Benjamin or frequently called Ben, is tall, majestic, and brave. Reserved and regal, he thoughtfully peruses and ponders the design of the kingdom and develops rules for governing the medieval realm. Often he is seen sitting quietly at the right hand of the king.

Joseph Rice (Founder):                                                                                                Prince of Ravenhall, Duke of the Arts, & Minstrel of the String

Fourth descendant to the king and queen, Prince Joseph or often called Joe, livens the corridors of Ravenhall. Through his wisdom and creativity, he designs festivities for the kingdom, plays all stringed instruments, and leads the royal family in play and merriment. True to his name, Prince Joseph adds to the kingdom in ways unforetold.

Samuel Rice (Founder):                                                                                               Prince of Ravenhall, Duke of the Hidden Realms, & Seeker of Knowledge

Youngest heir to the throne is Prince Samuel, or affectionately called Sam, who is last of the royal judges.  Though still young at heart, Prince Samuel has a depth of spirit that surpasses none. Deep in thinking, Sam pursues knowledge to the end, unites in noble purposes, and often makes himself heard by the royal family.

Jacob Pitchler (Founder):                                                                                                Knight of Ravenhall, Duke of the Wilds, & Captain of the Guard

Friend to the royal family, Squire Jacob was recently knighted by the King of Ravenhall. Originally from Buehel Hill, Knight Jacob uses his sharp eyes to design the kingdom. He is often seen prowling the wilds and assisting Prince Austin in guarding the grounds, ready to overthrow any challenging authority to the Halls of Raven.

Jordan Justice (Founder):                                                                                              Knight of Ravenhall, Jester of the Court, & Keeper of Goldenlocks

Ally of Ravenhall is Squire Jordan, sprung from the flows of the great river. As a result of unfailing loyalty and justice, he was recently knighted by King Michael. Closest confident to Princess Emma, Knight Jordan has risen to protect her and all locks, golden or otherwise. Though he loves frivolity, do not let his smooth play fool you. He brings his acute mind and strategy to the round table.

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