Gameschooling is defined as homeschooling with games, either in replace of or in addition to curriculum. In general, it is play-based learning. It is basically using tabletop games in an intentional way.

According to Caitlin Fitzgerald Curley, an educational psychologist and gameschooler, host of the popular Facebook group: Gameschool Community, and author of Simple Homeschool, playing games are a safe space to learn, to fail, and to try again. Parents are working alongside their children, learning, having fun, and making memories. Families are creating a positive family culture.

A plethora of skills can be learned through gameschooling:  listening, teamwork, communication and social skills, taking turns, self-control, focus and attention, following directions, strategy and problem solving, logic and critical thinking, and fine motor skills. Educational subjects such as math, history and geography, reading, science, and language arts can be learned in a fun, non-intimidating way. Furthermore, areas of interest can be more fully developed, while areas of weakness can be improved.

Suggestions for your homeschool are to make a game plan as to how to incorporate games into your child’s education. Take into consideration the ages and abilities and interests of each of your children. Choose the amount and type of game playing based on the area of study and learning needed. Keep a record of your playtime. Even if there is no total gameschooling, use games as an adjunct to curriculum for review and reinforcement, as quizzes or parts of unit studies, while traveling, or simply when the doldrums set in and school needs to liven up a bit.

So, this school year, think outside the box! Change your mindset from the typical school plan! Surprise your family and try gameschooling!



Need help with spelling? Try games like Scrabble!

What about World War II history and geography? Think of a game such as Axis and Allies!

Need help with historical figures in general? (dates of birth/death, quotes, attributes, etc.?) Try Headhunter: Hilarious Hires from History!

For more details about gameschooling, check out This blog!

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