Town Crier Monthly Highlight #6

The Town Crier is a collection of updates from the tabletop community that is on our website as three separate categories: Community and Services, Tabletop Media, and Game Updates. Remember, not everyone will be updating their information every month. Also, some projects, depending on the project, may not even have an update every few months.

We are a bit biased here, of course, but we would especially like to highlight the fact that our game Headhunter: Hilarious Hires from History will be making an appearance on Kickstarter on June 18th!

Here are a few things our members would like to highlight from the Crier from this past month:


Emma’s Picks:

1st. Portals and Prophets

“Portals and Prophets brings a biblical twist to a fun, strategic game.”

2nd. Headhunter

“A  party game that combines history and fun!”

3rd. The Primary

“A casually competitive game of politics.”


Ben’s Picks:

1st. Portals & Prophets

“An epic Biblical challenge!”

2nd. The Primary

“Fun party game”

3rd. HeadHunter

“A fun twist on history.”


Joe’s Picks:

1st. The Primary

“This game has a unique theme and is always fun.”

2nd. HeadHunter

“Simple, fun, educational.”

3rd. Join the Journey Over Earth

“The picture intrigued me, and the description sounded odd and fun.”



Sam’s Picks:

1st. Card Assassins

” It’s a creative competition game that you can play throughout the day.”

2nd. Gunfighter

” A new twist on a western shootout game!”

3rd. Portals & Prophets

“Fun, easy, high quality Biblical game!”


If you want to participate in the Town Crier by adding a column to represent your company, game, service, or project update, it’s completely FREE! Just click here for some basic rules and simply email us. Or, if you would like to share something in this monthly highlight, please don’t hesitate to send us a message!


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