Play Therapy

Table top games are on the rise. Game cafes, game stores, and game escape rooms have popped up everywhere. What a refreshing break from the video game craze! People are now directly interfacing with each other, creating a healthier way to communicate and bond.

In our high-tech world where communication is literally at our fingertips, there has been a rise in suicide and loneliness. How can this be when we have more ways to communicate and more quickly than ever in history? Yet, we are also more isolated. Some even claim we are the most disconnected generation, so called Generation Isolation.

Play can become our therapy. Table top games of whatever kind get us back into the game of life, that is reconnecting with other people.  A plethora of benefits results from playing board games including building positive character traits and skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, stress relief, memory retention, IQ elevation, fine and gross motor skills, logic, communication, spatial reasoning, trust, mood elevation, language development, relationship building, and more.

Game playing reconnects us to each other. This can become our so-called therapy, not medically speaking, but a remedy for our isolation from our fellow man. Let a new generation emerge, called Generation Connection.

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