Update: Project Blackjack 2/2019

Project Blackjack is still coming along, even if it is on the back burner. We did a little more work on it over the holidays. Here is an update:

-Project Blackjack is a card game, for 2-4 players.

-A small expansion to the game will allow 5-6 players.

-The initial design of the game, its components, and rules is complete. There have been a few major rule changes after some previous playtesting sessions. The most recent sessions have included the revised rules, which seem to be going well.

-The game is in the development process and some prototype card designs have been completed; we may be considering  printing some “real” components soon. (currently we are testing and working with a paper prototype).

-Here is a snapshot of a working session! (well, somewhat- don’t expect us to give away too much).

project blackjack in the works.JPG

-And here are a few pictures from a playtesting session…

project blackjack in the worksproject blackjack in the works 2


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