What Makes a Happy Family?

“What Makes a Happy Family?”

That is the exact question that was asked to 1500 schoolchildren. Very few replied with answers such as money, cars, fancy homes, TV, or even Disney World!

happy family 1So how did they answer?

The children replied that a happy family is one that does things together. Wow! There’s insight! What a better way to do things together than play a game!

Another study (Defrain & Stinnett, 1999) researched over 10,000 families in the United States and over 20 countries throughout the world, including single parent families, over a period of 20 years. It found that strong families needed flexibility, cohesion, and communication; and listed these specific activities as being unifying for the family:  eating meals together, doing house and yard chores together, and outdoor recreation including camping, playing catch and other yard games, canoeing, hiking, and picnicking. In other words, doing simple happy family 2activities that don’t generally cost a lot of money, but bring the family together. (Olsen, 2011, review of 1200 studies confirmed these findings.)

Since summer is now upon us, what a better time to get out and play games! Not into physical activity? No problem! Instead take your favorite board game to the local park and enjoy the outdoors while playing a game with your family. It just might all make you feel happy!

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