Update: Headhunter 3/2018


Headhunter: Hilarious Hires from History

Overview:  This card game of surpassing your opponent in employee salaries is progressing well and waiting on final distribution details. The artwork, rules, and play-testing are complete. There is a Project Page on our website, has been featured on our Facebook Page, and is listed on Board Game Geek. A print and play preview of the game and rules are available either through Facebook or the Project Page. In addition, we have our Twitter account and Instagram accounts up and running. napoleon headhunter characterCheck these sources out for more Headhunter info!

In Process:  We are still securing  production deals with the manufacturer, as well as finalizing the rules, box, and  final edits per feedback.

How You Can Help:  We are still crowd-building, so share Headhunter with your friends!

Typically Kickstarter is used for crowdfunding, yet we have another possible source that we are exploring. We will update you as soon as information is verified.

The game store, Immortals, located near Cleveland Ohio is going to feature Headhunter as well. So be sure to check it out!

Lastly, Headhunter is being evaluated by various game reviewers. Since our game prototypes are ordered and should arrive in early April,  look for reviews later this spring!

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