Review: Swords

Overview:  Have you ever been in a sword-fight? No? Well now you can! Swords is a fast-paced simultaneous action card game that feels like a multi-person sword fight!

We were one of more than 700 backers and believers in the Swords Kickstarter campaign. The concept was tempting, and the video was just too good! So how did Swords stack up to our expectations?

swordsHow We Review:  As with any of our reviews, we put the game to the test with no less than 10 play testers, both male and female, as well as a wide age range (teens to 50+). Our evaluation is based on 10 criteria, including clarity of instructions, innovation, artwork, and fun!

Game Contents:  This game includes a simple deck of cards, all combat moves in your sword fight, a helpful rule sheet, and five quick guides- yes you will need them!

How To Play The Game:  There are many possible outcomes for each round of a skirmish, with the goal of the game to be the first player to get rid of all your cards. If you choose to play more than a mere battle, but instead want a full fledged war, then you can play first to 6 points (which is what we did!) A straight-up win is 2 points, and a tie is 1 per person.

swords cardsThe game has only 4 card types, though each one has a different character to add a bit more to the experience. The options are Attack, Riposte, Defend, and Yield. On your turn, you play only 1 card of your choice, on any player you choose, or even yourself. Because of the numerous possibilities of combinations, the rules are quite extensive. However, after a round or two, it is easy to remember most of the simple combinations.

swords 1

First, you select your card of choice. Second you hold that card up to show that you are ready. Next, on the count of three, everyone lays down their cards. Then check the results! It’s that quick!

What We Thought:  Since all players lay down their card simultaneously, the game is fast paced. Some rounds may be longer than others. Our game lasted about 30 minutes because we had a group of five people playing, and we chose to battle an entire war. Four players would be ideal.

All the artwork is well done and definitely enjoyable, though unnecessary to the game play itself. This is definitely a game worth repeating over and over again!

swords 2

Comments from our Reviewers:

“Fun, quick game!”


“It’s a little confusing at first.”

“I like it!”

“Fun game!”

“This is a good game. I like how the action is in real time, all at once. The first few rounds are slow, then once you know the basic rules, it is quick and plays smoothly. I like the struggle of anticipating the other’s moves, as well as flying under the radar to secure your victory.”

“Cool Game!”

“Fun Game!”

“Great, simple, strategic, clear, fun. Can go a little long, so maybe first to 5, not 6? If not, that’s still ok!”

“Reaching 6 might be too much, but overall fun. Easy to learn.”

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