Preview: Gunfighter

Overview:  To draw or not to draw, that is the question- at least in this western themed shootout game. Gunfighter is a game that we discovered and offered to play test. As with many of our other reviews, this game is not yet a finished product, so we used a print and play version.  Nevertheless it was fun!


How We Review:  As with any of our reviews, we put the game to the test with no less than 10 play testers, both male and female, as well as a wide age range (teens to 50+). Our evaluation is based on 10 criteria, including clarity of instructions, innovation, artwork, and fun!

Game Contents:  This game includes a complete set of rules, eight markers, a double sided shootout player sheet per player, a stats management sheet per player, and a deck of cards.

How To Play The Game:  To play, you must manage your accuracy and bullets in comparison to your abilities. That, plus anticipating and countering your opponents movements, are key to winning this game.

gunfighter 2

Each player completes actions at the same time, with a divider in the middle to hide your moves. Since we did not yet have the box  to form the divider, we used a cardboard stand instead.

There are five types of actions that you can take. This can be done with your shootout/stand down sheet or with the cards.

gunfighter 4Categories include Aim, Intimidate, Shoot, Gun Belt, and Dodge. Cards fall into the same categories, but offer special abilities if you choose to play them. First player to drop their opponent from three Health to zero Health wins! Each successful shot takes one health away, unless you have a card called the Hand Cannon! Then each player places a token on the action that they want to take. Once both players are set, they remove the wall to reveal their actions. It’s like an old cowboy draw!

What We Thought:  Though it seems like this game would be over fast, it can actually take up to an hour! We averaged about 30 minutes of play.

Gunfighter is full of strategy and definitely better the second time around, once you know how to play the game. Oh, and don’t make the mistake that some of us did by drawing your gun too fast!

gunfighter 3

We loved the theme, art, and feel of the game. It was more tense than we originally thought it would be because at any moment there could be a game changing move. Since we only had the print and play version while the official game is still being developed, we imagine that the final components will be much nicer and easier to play. That being said, it did not take away from the fun at all. We will gladly keep you posted on any future updates for Gunfighter.

Comments From Our Reviewers:

“Fun, tense with going back and forth between shootout/holstered, not sure about the 2 or more players?”

“Needs work, has good potential, relatively quick, needs better explanation on cards, accuracy should not max at 5.”

“Good game for tense strategy.”

“Fun game.”

“This town ain’t big enough for the two of us!”

“I love the western shootout theme, unique and fun, and the theme is well-developed throughout all aspects of the game. The frustration of anticipating the other’s move is part of the strategy but this can tend to drag out sometimes. Perhaps a time limit might be appropriate? Maybe not. The separator/wall between players should be more purposeful. Also, it would be nice if there is a way to regain one health.”

“Don’t care for the picture of the “Grim Reaper”. When I think of this game, the title makes me think of an old western, like you need a tombstone instead. Too many card selections.”


“Rules are a little confusing.”

“Fun Game.”

“I wasn’t sure if it was 2 or more players because the rules and cards make it sound like it was more than 2 players.”

gunfighter words

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