Update: Headhunter 2/2018


Headhunter: Hilarious Hires from History

Headhunter Character Ghandi

Overview:      This card game challenges opponents to select employees from history, matched to uncanny jobs, to earn the highest salaries. The headhunter with the most money wins!

Headhunter has its own dedicated Project Page on our website, has been featured on our Facebook Page, and is listed on Board Game Geek.

In Process:  Headhunters is entering its final stages of production. The artwork, game play, rules, and play testing are essentially done. We are currently working with the manufacturer in finalizing the rules, box, and any final edits per our feedback from various sources.

How You Can Help:  A print and play preview of the game and rules are available either through Facebook or the Project Page. Please feel free to test the game and tell us what you think! And since we are still crowd-building, go share the game with your friends!

Also, we are in the process of having our game evaluated by various game reviewers, so stay tuned for further updates!




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